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Guitar and Amp Repair

BRIDGE & NUT WORK (restring & setup included):

Fabricate & Install Bone Nut $100

Fabricate & Install Bone Saddle $100

Reglue Acoustic Bridge $125

Repair Top, Back & Side Cracks $50 & up

Reglue Internal Braces $50 min


Troubleshooting $50 & up

Install Output Jack $25

Install Barrel Jack $35

Replace Selector Switch $40

Replace Potentiometer $30

Complete Rewiring $50 & up

Install Pickup $30 each

Cavity Routing $50 / hour

Install Acoustic Pickup $60

Install Acoustic Endpin $40


Bass Guitar $45

Acoustic Steel String $45

Les Paul, Tele or Hard Tail Strat $45

Stratocaster or Classical $50

12-string $60

Floyd Rose $70

NECK WORK (restring & setup included)

Fret Level & Dress $150

Complete Fret Job $250

Fret Job - Bound Fingerboard $300

Headstock Break $125

Install Tuning Machines $5 each

Reglue Binding $25 min

Refinish Maple Neck $100


Retube & Bias $75

Complete Overhaul $200 min

Complete Cap Replacement $125

Blackface Conversion $100

Speaker Replacement $25 each

Replace Internal Fuse $25 each

Install Grounded Power Cord $25

Install Removable Power Cord $75

Prices subject to change without notice
Basic rate is $50 per hour (PARTS NOT INCLUDED)
Many other services are available and can be priced on a case by case basis
All special orders must be paid for in advance
Please allow 10-14 business days for completion





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