Jessica Thomas

Ms. Thomas’s love for the piano began at the age of 7 when she memorized a song on the piano a neighborhood friend had taught her.  Her parents noticed her interest and enrolled her in private piano lessons which she continued through college.  As a youth she enjoyed playing for the church choir, performing in recitals, participating in competitions, and just playing for fun.  She was also a star in her school’s talent shows for several years in a row.  In college she enrolled in piano pedagogy (teaching) and has been teaching piano for 22 years.


Ms. Thomas has also been a preschool teacher for 20 years, so although she enjoys working with students of all ages, she has a special gift of patience when it comes to the younger ones.  Her teaching style is unique.  She caters every lesson to each student based on his or her way of learning.  She recognizes that each student is an individual and everyone learns in a different way.  Ms. Thomas is familiar with all genres of music and appreciates the fact that she is able to help her students develop confidence as they are able to master any piece they are interested in playing.


In her spare time, Ms. Thomas enjoys painting, taking her dog for walks, and going to the beach.  She also has a 22 year-old son who has inherited her passion for music.  He has been working very hard at making a name for himself as a rapper for the last four years.  She is very proud of him and she knows it all started with those piano lessons she gave him as a child….and maybe a little Snoop Dog.








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